Al-Ahlia Integrated General Trading & Contracting also directly handling electrical and control systems covering all types of cables , wires , cable trays , race ways and ancillaries for H.V / M.V / and L.V power grids and serving : 

Oil and Gas Sector
Power Generating plants.
Institutational and Healthcare.
Industrial and Military.
Ski Resorts and more...
Al-Ahlia Integrated General Trading & Contracting Co. builds completely new industrial electrical equipment or reconditions, repairs, and modifies existing equipment. Our knowledge and experience assures we understand customer needs and provide safe, efficient, and user-friendly electrical systems that comply with all applicable industry standards and regulations.

Substations are used by all types of industry to transform utility or generator supplied electrical power to the required voltage.

House supporting bus, switches, arrestors, insulators, breakers, and other electrical components
Stationary substation design with individual stand-alone components
Fixed indoor, outdoor, walk-in substation design
Portable substation skid-mounted design
Durable, heavy duty substation design for trucking or skidding to various locations
Arc resistant substations
Arc resistant metal clad substations
Al-Ahlia Integrated General Trading & Contracting Co. has full metal fabrication capabilities for design and assembly of steel structures for substations and switchgear (see our section on ELECTRICAL BUILDINGS). Our portable substations have been operating for years in harsh environments ranging from the extreme heat and blowing sand of the Mojave Desert, the frigid temperatures, snow and ice of the U.S. Continental Divide, the high humidity lowlands of Alabama and Louisiana, and the extremes of the high altitude Andes Mountains in Chile.