Operation / Accreditation & Approvals:

  1. Amiri Diwan
  2. Ministry of Electricity & Water (M.E.W)
  3. Ministry of Public Works (M.P.W.)
  4. Ministry of Health (M.O.H.)
  5. Ministry of Defense (M.O.D.)
  6. Ministry of Information (M.O.I.)
  7. Ministry of Interior (M.I.)
  8. Ministry of Education (M.O.E.)
  9. Ministry of Transportation (M.O.T.)
  10. Ministry of Planning (M.O.P.)
  11. Public Authority for Youth and Sports (P.A.Y.S)
  12. Public Authority for Housing Welfare (P.A.H.W.)
  13. Public Authority for Applied Education & Training (P.A.A.E.T.)
  14. Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (K.F.S.D.)
  15. Governmental institutions
  16. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (K.P.C.)
  17. Kuwait Oil Company (K.O.C.)
  18. Kuwait National Petroleum Company (K.N.P.C.)
  19. Kuwait University (KT.UN.)
  20. Consulting and engineering offices
  21. The Ministry of Electricity and Water (certificate of appreciation and thanks)
  22. Ministry of Interior (Certificate of Merit)
  23. Ministry of Health ( certificate of appreciation and thanks )
  24. The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs (certificate of appreciation and thanks)
  25. Kuwait University ( certificate of appreciation and thanks )